Hellhorse® 1200WHP Voodoo Short Block (15+ Mustang GT350)


  • Product Description

      Hellhorse Performance sleeved short block built by RPG Racing Engines.  All motors are assembled here the good ole USA.  These are not production engines from Ford with parts slapped in, these are hand built from bare blocks up ensuring proper fitment and tight tolerances throughout. 

      Hellhorse 1200WHP Voodoo Rated Specifications:

      - New Ford Performance Gen 3 5.2L Block
      - New Ford Performance 5.2L Voodoo Flat Plane Crankshaft
      - Manley Platinum Series Pistons 12:1CR
      - Manley Lightened I-Beam Connecting Rods with ARP2000 Bolts
      - Total Seal Piston Rings
      - King Coated Rod and Main Bearings 
      - Complete ARP Hardware
      - RPG Oil Squirter Block Offs

      - Balanced and assembled to competition level specifications
      - 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty

      - Built by RPG Racing Engines

      Shipping included in pricing.

      *Due to the custom nature of Hellhorse Performance shortblocks ALL customers paying with a credit card will be billed when the order is placed (prior to engine assembly and shipping), All Hellhorse shortblocks are non-refundable regardless if the item has shipped or not.

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