Hellhorse® Single Turbo Kit | 80/88 T6 | 1300HP Rated (15-20 Mustang GT)


  • Product Description

      *Currently about a 2 week lead time to ship*

      Hellhorse Performance® brings you a revolution in standard power, fitment, thinking and completion.  Our Single Turbo kit is built to crush your goals and your opponents.  The Hellhorse® Single Turbo Kit isn't your ordinary kit, its what every turbo kit wishes it could be in "entry level" standards. Rated at 1300HP.

      Standard Configuration

      • Borg 80/88 T6 Turbo
      • Turbosmart Twin Gen V 45mm Wastegates
      • Turbosmart Gen V Race Port Blow Off Valve
      • Hellhorse® Turbo Mounting Bracket
      • Hellhorse® Custom Vertical Intercooler
      • Hellhorse® Turbo Manifolds
      • MMR Oil Filter Relocation Kit
      • 4" Downpipe with Custom Length o2 Extension
      • Hellhorse® Coolant Expansion Tank
      • Hellhorse® Radiator Brackets
      • Vacuum Block & Fittings
      • High Grade Silicone Vacuum Line
      • Turbo-Guard® Mesh Screen Filter
      • T6 Titanium Turbo Blanket
      • Reinforced Silicone Couplers & T-Bolt Clamps
      • All Oil Lines & Fittings Required
      • Black Ceramic Coating on all Stainless Steel
      • Black Powder Coating on all Aluminum (except intercooler)


      Our turbo kit comes standard as a dump only kit, we do not provide any sort of cat-back exhaust connections at this time.  

      DISCLAIMERS: Do this at your own risk. Hellhorse Performance is not responsible for any damage you do to your car.  Hellhorse is making no representations of vehicle warranties, either express or implied. This kit is sold in an "off road use only" format.  Hellhorse Performance is not responsible for failure to comply with local or federal regulations for usage of this kit on any normal type of road.
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