Eibach Sportline System Plus Kit 11-14 Mustang Conv/Coupe 3.7L V6/5.0L V8


  • Product Description

      Eibach Sport-System kits are designed by Eibach's team of suspension engineers and ride control experts to offer the best street performance without sacrificing ride quality. The Sport-System is a precisely balanced combination of dampers, Sportline springs and bump-stops (secondary springs), designed and tuned to operate as an integrated system.

      Eibach Sport-System improves turn-in response, increases cornering speed and reduce body roll.
      • Excellent Performance: Low Look Superior Cornering
      • Surprisingly Smooth Ride Quality
      • Precision Engineered Suspension System
      • No Guesswork: Install, Set the Alignment and Drive
      • Million Mile Warranty
  • Product Details