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MOTEC M150 PACKAGE - 2020+ GT500

The Most Advanced Engine Management System for the 2020+ Ford Mustang shelby GT500

Pricing Includes all parts, installation & custom tuning.

The MoTec M150 setup from VMR Performance & Hellhorse Performance for the 2020+ GT500 is the nicest and most advanced engine management system available on the market today. This system provides the driver with advanced race car & drag car features while maintaining daily drive ability, true flex fuel tuning and much more.

Hellhorse Performance® M150 Package Features:

- Power Adjustments/Boost Control via Factory Controls

- Nine different levels of traction control settings and ability fully customized

- Boost By Gear functionality

- Rolling Anti-Lag (turbo applications)

- True Flex Fuel Tuning

- Ghost Cam Features

- Advanced Launch Control Functions

- Additional Engine Failsafes from Ford's standard offering

- Advanced Level 3 Data Logging Features

The Hellhorse Performance Package Includes Installation and Tuning - $15,500


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