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Hellhorse Twin Turbo Kit

All the upgrades included, no upgrades required.

Our Twin Turbo kit is a mid mount system designed and built to reach your goals without endless upgrades!  The Hellhorse® Twin Turbo Kit isn't your ordinary kit, its what every turbo kit wishes it could be in "entry level" standards. Rated at 1500+HP.  This turbo system sits above the subframe, clears the stock steering shaft and requires zero modification to any OEM components to fit clearance wise(outside active grille removal, etc).  Its like doing a set of headers with turbos!

Hellhorse® Mid Mount Twin Turbo Kit - 2024+ Mustang GT - Dark Horse - 1500+WHP Rated Hellhorse Performance®

2024 Mustang GT & Darkhorse Twin Turbo Kit

Hellhorse Performance® presents a revolutionary Twin Turbo kit designed to elevate your vehicle's power, fitment, and performance to new heights. This isn't your typical turbo kit; it sets the standard for "entry level" performance while boasting a remarkable rating of 1500+HP. The mid-mount design ensures it sits above the subframe and requires no modifications to OEM components for clearance, except for active grille removal. It's akin to installing a set of headers with turbos!

2020+ Ford Explorer ST Installation Packages

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