EBC 2015+ Ford Mustang (6th Gen) 2.3L Turbo BSD Rear Rotors


  • Product Description

      Blade Sport High Carbon Slotted Vented 1-Piece Rear Brake Rotors (BSD7695) by EBC®. These replacement brake rotors are constructed from iron with high carbon and silicone content to reduce thermal buildup, brake noise, vibration, and wear. V-shaped slots expel more heat, dust, water, and gases and are designed to indicate rotors are worn when they wear away completely. Powder coat finish provides corrosion resistance on non-contact areas. Designed for use with EBC green, yellow, red, and blue pads. The anodized layer is designed to disappear in the area that the brake pads contact the rotor. 



      • Driving Style: Performance / Racing
      • Rotor Design: Rotors Only
      • Rotor Construction: 1-Piece
      • Rotor Style: Slotted
      • Rotor Material: GG15HC Hi Silicone and Hi Carbon Cast Iron
      • Rotor Type: Vented
      • Quantity: 2 Per Pack 



      • Designed for use with EBC Greenstuff, Yellowstuff, Redstuff, and Bluestuff pads
      • Black GEOMET and NITROTHERM™ anti corrosive finish
      • V-shaped slots on rotor surfaces allow increased expulsion of heat, water, brake dust, and friction gases
      • Recommended by EBC for use on performance street driving and racing with lighter weight vehicles
      • High carbon content doubles the levels of some competitors to prevent brake shudder, heat cracking, and high-frequency vibrations which cause squealing
      • Vented center allows air to pass between both rotor sides for more effective cooling
      • V-shaped slots have a 1mm depth that indicates rotors need replacement when slots have worn away completely
      • EBC recommends a 500 mile break in period with lighter braking application



      • Ensure increased pad bite and improved air circulation
      • Clean and de-glaze pad surface for optimum pad coefficient of friction
      • Create an escape route for debris, dust, and water
      • Reduce stopping distances in wet weather
      • Offer much faster heat dissipation
      • Resistant to warping and fading 
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