EBC 2015+ Ford Mustang (6Th Gen) 2.3L Turbo (GT Package) Bluestuff Front Brake Pads


  • Product Description

      Bluestuff NDX Formula Racing Front Brake Pads (DP53040NDX) by EBC®. This is a set of replacement brake pads that is designed for heavy-duty racetrack driving where high-performance multi-piston calipers are used. Pads feature two grooves for cooling, vibration-balancing weights on backing plates, triple-strength chemical bonding between pad and backing plate, and a higher friction surface than Yellowstuff race pads. Organic aramid fiber compound provides a high level of grip at extremely low and high operating temperatures. Safe for normal and aggressive street driving. 



      • Series: Bluestuff NDX Formula Racing
      • Friction Material: NDX Pad
      • Finish: Blue Powder Coat
      • Dust Rating: High
      • Driving Style: Performance / Racing
      • Quantity: Sold as Set 



      • Designed for use with low drag multi-piston, performance brake calipers only
      • Formulated for optimum heavy-duty racetrack performance
      • Backing plates feature vibration-balancing weights to reduce squealing noise under high stress
      • Pads are bonded to backing plates with a chemical layer that triples separation resistance
      • Pads provide progressive brake feel and are safe for street use also
      • Organic aramid fiber construction maintains high level of grip when pads are cold or extremely hot
      • Backing plate and side edges of brake pad are blue powder coated for resistance to corrosion
      • Pad surfaces have chamfered edges to reduce contact against rotor lip that forms over time and causes squealing
      • Pads come new with rough, heat-scorched surface designed for improved bedding with rough or worn rotors
      • 200 miles of gentle use is recommended during pad break-in period
      • Sold as a set for two wheels 
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