EBC 2015+ Ford Mustang (6th Gen) 2.3L Turbo (GT Package) Ultimax2 Front Brake Pads


  • Product Description

      Ultimax OEM Replacement Front Brake Pads (UD1792) by EBC®. Get the fit and lasting quality of original equipment without paying 100% markup that dealers charge for OEM parts. EBC replacement brake pads are blended with fewer metallic compounds to extend life of brake rotors by up to 50 percent. Pre-chamfered edges reduce squealing and ensure more effective braking against worn brake rotors. 



      • Series: Ultimax OEM Replacement
      • Friction Material: AF42/66 Friction
      • Finish: Black Powder Coat
      • Dust Rating: High
      • Driving Style: Daily Driver
      • Quantity: Sold as Set



      • Patented AF42/66 pad friction material features a low level of metallic compounds that reduces rotor wear by up to 50%
      • Produces low amount of brake dust
      • Backing plate and side edges of brake pad are black powder coated for resistance to corrosion
      • Pad surfaces have chamfered edges to reduce contact against rotor lip that forms over time and causes squealing
      • Center gap allows for proper heat expansion of brake pads
      • Built in noise-reducing shims
      • Patented Brake-In™ red top coating provides better grip during the first 100 miles after new pads are installed
      • Patented Brake-In™ red top coating scours off any existing glaze or heat spots from brake rotor surface for more even surface mating
      • Sold as a set for two wheels 
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