EBC 2015+ Ford Mustang (6th Gen) 2.3L Turbo (Performance Package) GD Sport Front Rotors


  • Product Description

      3GD Series Sport Dimpled and Slotted Vented 1-Piece Front Brake Rotors (GD7694) by EBC®. These replacement rotors feature both slots and drilled dimples to provide the superior level of cooling needed for high performance street driving, trailer towing, 4x4 use, drifting, and short track runs. Anodized finish provides corrosion resistance on non-contact areas. The anodized layer is designed to disappear in the area that the brake pads contact the rotor. Recommended for use with EBC Greenstuff 6000/7000, Yellowstuff, and Redstuff pads. 



      • Driving Style: Hauling & Towing, Performance / Racing
      • Rotor Design: Rotors Only
      • Rotor Construction: 1-Piece
      • Rotor Style: Dimpled & Slotted
      • Rotor Material: High Quality Gray Iron
      • Rotor Finish: Black Anodised
      • Rotor Type: Vented
      • Quantity: 2 Per Pack 



      • EBC recommends use with Greenstuff 6000/7000, Yellowstuff, and Redstuff pads
      • Angled slots on rotor surfaces allow superior expulsion of heat, water, brake dust, and friction gases
      • Round indents in the rotors surface further increase cooling without the risk of cracking that drill-through holes pose
      • Black GEOMET™ and NITROTHERM™ anti corrosive finish
      • Brake rotors are unidirectional to the left and right side of your vehicle to maximize effectiveness
      • 3GD vented centers feature a wider aperture for air to pass between both rotor sides for superior cooling
      • EBC recommends a 500 mile break in period with lighter braking application
      • This type of rotors are designed to make a buzzing/rubbing sound 



      • Dimples are resistant to cracking compared to drilled holes
      • Slots increase pad bite and de-glaze pads
      • Create an escape route for debris, dust, and water
      • Reduce stopping distances in wet weather
      • Resistant to warping and fading 
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