EBC 2015+ Ford Mustang (6th Gen) 2.3L Turbo (Performance Package) RK Series Premium Front Rotors


  • Product Description

      RK Series Premium Plain Vented 1-Piece Front Brake Rotors (RK7693) by EBC®. This replacement Rotor Kit is sized and shaped to OE factory dimensions with the strictest quality controls and machined to be within extremely tight tolerances of less than 0.05 millimeters. High quality "gray" iron meets or exceeds factory original specifications regarding thermal buildup, brake noise, vibration, and wear. The anodized layer is designed to disappear in the area that the brake pads contact the rotor. 


      • Driving Style: Daily Driver
      • Rotor Design: Rotors Only
      • Rotor Construction: 1-Piece
      • Rotor Style: Plain
      • Rotor Material: High Quality Gray Iron
      • Rotor Type: Vented
      • Rotor Diameter: 353mm (13.9")
      • Quantity: 2 Per Pack 



      • Sized and shaped to original equipment specifications with extremely tight tolerances
      • Designed to meet or reduce factory levels of heat buildup, brake noise, vibration, and wear
      • Recommended by EBC for use with EBC Ultimax and Yellowstuff pads
      • Black GEOMET and NITROTHERM™ anti corrosive finish
      • Recommended by EBC for normal street driving, high performance street driving, truck or SUV use, drifting, and short track runs
      • High quality "gray" iron features a higher carbon content to reduce brake shudder, heat cracking, and high-frequency vibrations which cause squealing
      • EBC recommends a 500 mile break in period with lighter braking application


      Rotor Benefits:

      • Perfect for non-aggressive driving
      • Ensure quiet operation
      • Offers low dust and long pad life
      • More resistant to warping or cracking 
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