Vortech Maxflow Fuel Pump Booster


  • Product Description

      The Vortech Maxflow Fuel Pump Booster (FPB) upgrade is designed specifically for use on performance applications where there is a need for increased fuel pump performance above what your stock existing fuel pump can provide. It is the perfect solution for vehicles that are equipped with forced induction or nitrous oxide systems.


    • Increases street or racing fuel pump output by 50+%
    • Advanced, state of art microcontroller design and SMD layout for high reliability.
    • Microprocessor controlled voltage output. Provides stable voltage to fuel pump, regardless of battery input voltage.
    • Fused (40a) input simplifies installation and provides pump protection.
    • Multi-phase circuitry for maximum (> 90%) efficiency.
    • Extruded aluminum housing designed for superior thermal management.
    • Non Programmable
    • Universal
    • Increases output To Fuel Pump To 18 Volts
    • Installation Wires and Components Included
  • Product Details